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Hi there, my name is Jannis and I'm a music creator and educator. After studying jazz drums and living/performing in various capitals throughout Europe I found myself drawn to the world of music production, synthesizers, and electronic music.

I like music that has a healthy balance of skills, experience and intuition. While having a Master of Music degree in Jazz Drums (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, 2017) I often missed the intuitive side during studying and felt like everything was becoming "too serious". After a little identity crisis and asking myself lots of "why's" I taught myself about music production, which has become my primary focus and passion ever since.

I love working with other people and helping them get closer to the sound they desire. Whether it's playing instruments, composing, producing, sound design or mastering, I'm always eager to lend my experience and musicality. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching, which is why I create regular free content for my YouTube channel as well as in-depth classes available in my store. Sometimes I simply release music by myself as Jannis Le Wolff. 


Whether you're a seasoned music professional or a beginner, I'm here to help you achieve your musical goals. Don't hesitate to get in touch so we can create something amazing together!

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