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  • Bachelor of Music: Codarts Rotterdam

  • Master of Music: Conservatory van Amsterdam (European Jazz Master program, including exchange semesters at the conservatories in Paris and Copenhagen)

  • Popkurs Hamburg


  • Festivals: Balaton Boglar Jazz Festival, Stuttgarter Theaterhausjazztage and many more...

  • Touring: Germany, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, the Netherlands and many more...


  • Composition Prize @ Jazzpreis Biberach

  • 2nd prize @ Budapest Jazz Competition

  • Scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service

While I like keeping my website as short and direct as possible, this page is for those of you who'd like to know a little more about me. While this section will be about my philosophy, work ethic and approach you can find a selection of the most important "biographical achievements" on the left hand side (bottom on mobile).

I'm originally a drummer and drums have dominated my life since I've started playing at the age of 7. Not even puberty couldn't stop me from doing it (thanks also to my parents!), and I decided to study music (more precisely Jazz), which threw me into a bunch of different places (Osnabrück, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, since 2017 Berlin). After having performed at various places as a drummer, composer and bandleader I've felt a strong urge for some new approaches and musical fields to work in. I started to learn about music production (synthesizers, Ableton Live, working with a DAW, mixing, mastering, recording) and feel more excited than anytime before in my life. I always believed in the power of self-education in music and sometimes struggled to feel this excitement while studying and obviously becoming only "professional". I figured out that a healthy balance of professional knowledge and self-driven education is essential for me in order to keep the excitement alive, and which is why I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge.

If I work with people, the most important thing for me is to listen and to be honest. The beautiful thing about music is that it evokes very strong emotions, and I enjoy if people just say what they feel straight away. I never try to apply a "formula" to bands/artists I work with. I enjoy that everybody is different and therefore try to adapt and find the ways of working that allow the best workflow for the specific situation. I work(ed) with people in the field of music production, mixing/mastering and in bands. 


The same counts for my educational activities. Every student is unique, and that's also how he/she should be treated. I don't follow a classic path of music education in which a certain method needs to be applied to everyone. While basics are important, they can be different from person to person, and a creative side should always be maintained, no matter how advanced or limited the technical skills are. That's also why I like to include software/recording in the lessons. Especially younger people grow up with a sound that includes a lot of artifically created sounds, and I made great experiences by including those into the lessons. While originally offering classic drum lessons I can also cover E-Drum, Music Production, Ableton Live, Composition, Piano and Music Theory. 

When I work for myself I enjoy efficiency and flexibility. My setup is very small and allows me to travel by train and work from wherever I am (as long as there is electricity ;) ). I create content for YouTube on a regular basis, which helped to actively learn about video making and allows me to constantly share some ideas and knowledge with a growing audience. Starting this channel really helped me to develop a progressive and pro-active thinking, and I'm a huge advocate of just starting things and figuring them out on the go while keeping an active, reactive mindset. I don't like hierarchical relations between people in the creative fields and instead believe in a healthy exchange of ideas and skills. 

By myself I create Youtube videos, more refined online classes for "Skillshare", stock music for music libraries and beats that I sell to artists. 

Oh - and if you're interested in my music taste - which of course constantly floats around - I've linked a playlist on the left side (bottom on mobile) that contains some songs that I have a really strong emotional connection to and can be seen as probably a good reference.

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